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Wesley Snipes & RJ Mitte
VR Film: 13 min Experience
Launched Oculus Gear VR, Rift & Google Daydream
June 23rd. 2017

Christina Ricci & John Cusack
20 min Experience
Launching on Oculus, iOS and Google Daydream
Jan 2018

John Travolta, Katheryn Winnick, Tom Sizemore,
Kellan Lutz, Matthew Modine, James Remar, Jordi Molla
Episodie VR Film: 8 Episodes 8-9 min per episode
Launching on Oculus, iOS and Google Daydream
Dec 2017

Nicolas Cage
Episodie VR Film: 7 Episodes 2-3 min per episode
Launching on Oculus, iOS and Google Daydream
Dec 2017

Content and VR storytelling are about to converge far beyond the traditional channels in immersive and interactive experiences. There is no better way to tell a story than to include the viewer into the story. This is where we come in to play. At Bridgegate VR we’ve been on the cutting edge of these technologies since the beginning. From the early days of capture to working with digital and mobile companies to build content for augmented reality and interactive experiences to the present day we are hard at work with leading VR cinematic storytelling opportunities.

BRIDGEGATE VR is an entertainment VR content creation company, formed as a partnership between producer Travis Cloyd and Guy Grif?the. Bridgegate utilizes cutting-edge camera equipment, concept design, and a unique story process to create original Intellectual Property as well as serviced/ shared rights deals on current Hollywood ?lms with the most recognized on camera talent to generate the most appealing content on all VR app stores.  Bridgegate’s original and shared IP is then produced as content across all media VR platforms — Oculus Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Google DayDream, iOS, Microsoft Steam/Vive apps and more - in preparation for a slate of high quality cinematic VR films produced by  Bridgegate. Unlike many other VR content players in the industry,  Bridgegate knows the theatrical and digital film landscape better than most. Having produced many feature ?lms, running award winning marketing campaigns and facilitating todays best distribution strategies  Bridgegate has the knowledge and resources to pull in the best stories with the best Hollywood talent. Stallion takes a VR ?lm from conception to delivery with everything in between. From production plan, schedule, budget, cast contracts, 360 set designs, editing/stitching to app development and driving downloads.  Bridgegate has been around this block and in many ways creating the industry norm.  Bridgegate only “green—lights” VR ?lms that not only makes ?nancial sense, but also can generate substation mass awareness in a market that is rapidly growing but lacking quality cinematic VR experiences.

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