Distribution, that so many are guilty of putting off until their film making journey has come to an end. While distribution may seem like a tedious and/or complicated task, it is best not to wait until the end before securing the right company for the job, or it may end up having a long life on the shelf. Bridgegate transforms lives through the power of their independent filmmakers with a set goal of making sure their clients films' are marketable while increasing distribution profitably.

At Bridgegate, we optimally leverage your film into all major distribution channels: theatrical, Blu-ray/DVD, VOD, internet, television, foreign and more. Considering the thousands of independent films that have never seen the light of day, Bridgegate is here to help you when you're up against the odds. Just like you, we want you to acquire the best possible deal while attaching the largest possible audience. We use our network through a variety of distribution connections, exhibitors and film buyers.

Bridgegate knows the techniques, the process, the methods and the windows for all the avenues of international and domestic distribution. With widespread affiliations, we generate revenue to eliminate failure and increase profit. Together, with Bridgegate, you will see that return on your project. You have given blood for your film, now it's time to profit!


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