It's no secret that a successful social media and marketing campaign is a critical part to transforming the numbers in all industries. Bridgegate leverages their marketing success within filmed entertainment to imagine and produce experiences that entertain, invite and enhance emotion throughout the world. 

Secure your investment and transform your films' validation with Bridgegate's innovative marketing strategies, new financing methods, co-production and distribution. The company has been an innovator in deploying social media and marketing to engage millions across the globe by attracting the right audience for a larger social impact. Traditional film marketing is here to stay, but the key to making a consumer view, become a fan, and buy a particular movie results in knowing and defining that group, executing a plan and growing your community. Let these words echo in your mind 'Fans are what make my business thrive, without fans, I have no business.' 

Contact Bridgegate today to build your roster of diverse marketing strategies, increasing your viewers both in the U.S. and internationally and become a top player independent film marketing.

Film Marketing:

A film can flop due to its lack of promotion. The Internet plays a  vital role to increase the revenue of a film. Marketing becomes easier through the Internet and a film maker can easily connect with their viewers. Just making a film isn't enough, it needs publicity. If a filmmaker doesn't promote their film, then most of the audience will not know about it. Marketing is necessary for the success of a film.

Attractive film poster:

Film posters have various purposes which make them a vital tool for the success of a film. The main purpose of a film poster is to advertise and inform the audience of an upcoming film; through important information such as release date, actors and suitability with reference to age.

Using social media to promote film:

Today, social media is a popular and effective strategy to promote a film. If filmmakers promote their film through social media, then they will gain awareness. Using social media to promote a film reduces the filmmaker's cost, due to the uploading of photos and videos, which are free. The filmmaker can easily upload content and share them with others. This is the easiest way to get followers and make people aware of the film.


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