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Special Treat! Bird Singing During San Manuel Pow Wow Grand Entry

Over the weekend, the San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Indians held their annual pow wow at California State University San Bernardino. This free event is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the finest Native American singers, dancers, and drummers in North America and Canada. As a special treat this year, Pow Wow Organizer Tommy Ramos arranged a performance of bird singing to lead in the eagle staff for the grand entry. In this video, by Albert Chacon with NativeImages Production, you can also hear Ramos give a speech about the existence of the Bird Culture in the local area.


Tha Native will be performing on Wed. July 20th at Club Bleu in Westminster, CA., Custom merchandise will be at the show, from CD's to Tee's. Come out and check out the shows. For more info contact the venues.
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